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Never Say Never

I remember a time when I first started painting... I said "Why would anyone want to paint fruit, I never would".So guess what, I  found in pursuing my studies that painting fruit is really fascinating, to the point  that now when I go to the grocery store, I look for beautiful fruit just in case I want to paint it.
Isn't that just like so many things in life if we have our minds closed instead of open?  If we open up a  tiny bit , we may find an interesting opportunity,.

 This is a painting I finished last year, but I have not published it on line really. It was purchased by a very dear friend.  The pitcher with the bird always reminded me of summer , so I set this up with some lemons as a still life. I never thought I would enjoy painting fruit, but its such an awesome way to learn form and I really enjoyed painting this. As with many things in life I have learned , never say never!

And this painting I did of a couple of my favorite art books. One being a book written by Kevin MacPherson, whom I studied under for a year in 2012.  His book is awesome for painting education, its called Landscape Painting  Inside & Out.  So while practicing, I set this book and an Edgar Payne book I have, as a still life and had fun painting them.
We each are individual and have unique experiences, which allow us to respond to our world around us in such different ways. I love that in finding subjects to paint, its not the subject that matters, but the excitement I have in trying to capture my response to the subject.  Do I always succeed.. no most of the time I do not but I have fun trying anyway!

Painting tip of the day.... Keep on pursuing your dreams.. no matter your age. Learning keeps us young at heart and mind! and Never say Never!