Open My Eyes... that I may see
.......Oh the beauty that surrounds you and me!

Notes from Teresa J

Welcome and thanks for stopping in! I hope you enjoy my view of the world though my thoughts on art, music and life!

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Latest Paintings

I love creating works of art in oil and would like to share with you some of my latest paintings and some stories of my inspiration to paint them.

This is a painting of a beautiful pheasant that comes to visit us each year.  We have a wildlife game camera set up in our  yard, well our yard is about six acres of land, so we move the camera around quite a bit.  But on this morning , it happen to be just out by our front patio.  The colors were so beautiful and the lighting on his back was so wonderful,  that I just had to paint him.
Just Passing By

And I love horses.  I was inspired to paint this painting from a photo reference of some horses I saw and photographed in Montana. I loved the white face of the young horse and the attention he had on me as I came up to photograph him.  He was not sure if I was a friend or foe!

Paying Attention

Any comments or suggestions on how I might improve upon these paintings for future reference are welcome.  Thanks for stopping by to visit!